Parent Partnership


Successful cooperation between parents and teachers is important because it also has an effect on your child's development.


This is why we encourage a culture of cooperation, continuous exchange between parent and teacher and joint planning of parties, events and outings







April  2019Fees


These are charged at an hourly rate as follows:


  •  Giraffe  2-3 year olds £6.15 per hour
  •  Elephants  3-4 year olds  £5.15 per hour 

From September 2019

  • Giraffe 2-3 year olds £6.50 per hour
  • Elephants 3-4 year olds £5.50 per hour


Fees are invoiced termly and can be paid directly into our bank account or cash or by cheque.  You are also given the option of either paying in full or in weekly/monthly instalments.   Please note that fees are not refundable should your child be absent from Pre-School and that the Committee reserves the right to increase the fees during the academic year.   


Government Free Early Education Funding:

Your child will become eligible for the Free Early Education Funding of up to 15 hours per week the term following their third birthday.  Parent/carers may access as little or as much of the Free Early Education Funding as they wish and may take up the entitlement at a maximum of two providers where funding will be split pro-rata based on a child’s attendance. 


Free for 2 Funding: You may be eligible for up to 15 hours free early education for your two year old if you receive certain benefits. Please ask for further information.



Childcare Vouchers: We can accept any form of employer voucher.


We accept families with 30 hours eligibility, but only up to 18 hours. Please ask for more details.




A quick guide to childhood illnesses and infection


  • Temperature

 Must be off for 24 hours after symptoms have subsided


  • Vomiting

Must be off for 48 hours after symptoms have subsided


  • Diarrhoea

Must be off for 48 hours after symptoms have subsided


  • Antibiotics prescribed by a doctor

First 2 days at home (Antibiotics can be administered at the pre-school after the initial days a home)


  • ​Conjunctivitis

        Return to school once treated


  • Chickenpox
  •  Minimum of 7 days or until blisters have scabbed over


  • Measles

7 days from appearance of the rash


  • Mumps  

Until the swelling has subsided and in no case less than 7 days from onset


  • ​​Rubella (German Measles)

    7 days from appearance of the rash


  • Slapped Cheek

Until clinically well with no fever


  • Tonsillitis, scarlet fever and streptococcal  

Seek appropriate medical treatment


Please follow this guide to stop the spread of infection amongst children and staff




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